We are Belmont Trolley.

What began as an idea to restore a small section of unused rail line in downtown Belmont, has grown into a vision for connectivity, economic development, walkability, celebration of our rich history, and being a pioneer of cutting-edge green technology.

Representing the past, present and future of trolley service in Gaston County.

Powering Growth & Innovation

Partnering with the William States Lee College of Engineering and utilizing an innovative design featuring rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to fuel our trolleys, weโ€™re building a long-term, sustainable energy strategy to establish Gaston County as a leader in electric-powered rail transportation.

Historical Significance

One of P&Nโ€™s busiest divisions ran 24 miles between Charlotte and Gastonia.

In 1916, P&N added a three-mile route from its main line near Mt. Holly to downtown Belmont, where three trolley cars carried passengers and workers between the mills and the main line.

Sustainable Partnerships

Working alongside our lineup of partners expands Belmont Trolleyโ€™s community impact well beyond what we could accomplish alone.

These partners are dedicated to helping us create a hub of economic development and a place for people to gather for decades to come.

Our Trolley Cars

The renovation of our three trolleys goes beyond a charming nod to the past.

The Station

A bustling destination for Belmont’s historic downtown.

This engaging facility will house our three trolley cars, serve as an innovation center for emerging technologies and as a museum facility showcasing local rail history.