We are
Belmont Trolley

Our mission is to preserve the past by restoring trolley service and operating a museum in Gaston County, while inspiring the future through emerging technologies, connecting communities and serving as a catalyst for economic growth.


Preserving the past to define
the future of Gaston County

Gaston County is home to 15 unique, charming towns. Belmont Trolley has the potential to connect our communities through next generation rail service, igniting a transportation corridor to drive economic development and urban walkability.

This nod to the past will propel us into the future.

Driving economic impact

Belmont Trolley continues to draw inspiration from other successful trolley organizations to learn from their model of economic success.

Part of Belmont Trolley’s visionary project will create a thriving economic corridor in Gaston County that promotes walkable spaces and leverages modes of transportation beyond motor vehicles.


The Belmont Trolley route

Opportunities abound from Belmont to Gastonia

“Belmont Trolley supports the City’s development vision of celebrating its heritage while embracing opportunities to shape its future. Its operations support the City’s goals of choice in mobility, community connectivity, economic development and community character.”

City of Belmont Zoning and Planning